About Me

15 Fun facts about me!

1. I'm a passionate Christ follower.
2. I'm in love with and married my college sweetheart.
3. I have 2 kids; one daughter who's 7 years old, and one son who is 3 years old.
4. I always want cherry cheese cake for my birthday even though that's not real cake.
5. I'm addicted to sweet & spicy chili Doritos.
6. I love the show Friends and wish they would have a reunion show.
7. You will never see my toe nails without polish on them.
8. When I was 17 I made it to a national level in a solo singing competition.
9. I am seriously terrified of jelly fish, don't joke about them being near me in the ocean!
10. I have my Psychology- Christian Counseling AA degree from Liberty University.
11. I love to play board games and cards with family and friends.
12. I really enjoy reading and passed that on to my daughter.
13. I love to bake.
14. I'm from Lancaster county, PA and not Amish. :)
15. I am constantly changing my hair style/color.