10 July 2018

Hello Again. I've Missed You.

Wow, so I have not blogged at all in the year 2018. Moments throughout the year I would think of my blog and say to myself that I wanted to write again, but just never made it a priority.

Do you have something you like to do that helps you de-stress and just feel better? Maybe it's going to the gym, going for a walk, reading a relaxing book or sitting on your deck sipping a glass of wine. Lately, I have started going to the gym 3-4 times a week and it has been so rewarding in many ways. I'm really enjoying it and look forward to the times that I get to go. But one of my go-to methods of trying to relax (besides cuddling up and reading a good book) is writing. I haven't done that in quite some time. Writing, to me, is just a way to express yourself and you can easily erase or delete something that you want to word better or just keep out. It's soothing to me. Whether anyone reads my posts, letters or comments....that's another thing! hah

A lot has happened already this year, and we're only half way through. It has been scary stuff like loved ones battling diseases, and marriages coming to an end. I won't be going to into specific details within this post, but as time goes on and I feel ready to share certain things, you'll be the first to read them.

So long for now, but I promise it won't be that long!

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  1. I love to write as well! It is an outlet. I was actually thinking of starting a blog with all of my musings as a special needs mama .💜