26 September 2017

How Big is Jesus in Your Life?

If you started reading this post before watching the music video above, please take a few minutes to listen to it and read the lyrics!

     Yesterday morning I was driving home from taking my husband to the train station. It had been an early morning-- I had to wake the kids up an hour earlier than they're used to so we could make it to the train station on time. With my kids in the car quiet and driving those country back roads, I was tired and all I had on my mind was "get home, make coffee, start the school day". All the sudden, a song came on the radio that I've heard countless times. This time, however, I actually was listening to the words, and they soaked into me. 

     I started reflecting on my view of Jesus, and my relationship with him. The past few months have been a struggle for me. I can't say that any one thing has taken me away from reading my Bible, praying and living completely for God. I think I just started going through the motions of everyday life and started to take my focus off of Him and more on me. I've been questioning different things, beliefs I was taught growing up, and ones I have been introduced to over the last year and just started becoming confused and frustrated with not having black and white answer to different theological questions I had. I don't really want to get into that with this post, but my point is, instead of digging into the Word and seeking God to find truth, I kinda just went into limbo and didn't care or do anything with my walk with God.

     This turned into not even thinking about Jesus on some most days. When I would think about Him, I brought Him, down to my level, or at least to a lower level that He already deserves to be much higher at. And why? My whole life I have been "a Christian" and know how powerful God is. Yet, I easily forget His place in this world and in Heaven. To me, this shouldn't even happen in my walk with God. Okay, so the human nature in me is selfish and doesn't fully comprehend the authority God has over me and life? That's not a good enough excuse. In fact, no excuse is acceptable to minimize Jesus and His authority. Jesus is King. I'm tired of putting Him in a box that I designed, limiting Him in my life. Going to Him only when I really need Him and not actually having a meaningful friendship with Him. Thinking that I know better than Him and that I can do life on my own.

     I've made Jesus small in my life. I have forgotten that He is King of the world and of me. The good news is that He has forgiven me for doing so. I don't deserve His love and forgiveness, yet He offers it over and over and over and over again. If you're reading this and you can relate at all, just know that you too can be forgiven and there is no waiting period or process that you need to go through to put Jesus back in His rightful place in your life. Don't wait to go Him, He is waiting with open arms for you.