26 September 2017

How Big is Jesus in Your Life?

If you started reading this post before watching the music video above, please take a few minutes to listen to it and read the lyrics!

     Yesterday morning I was driving home from taking my husband to the train station. It had been an early morning-- I had to wake the kids up an hour earlier than they're used to so we could make it to the train station on time. With my kids in the car quiet and driving those country back roads, I was tired and all I had on my mind was "get home, make coffee, start the school day". All the sudden, a song came on the radio that I've heard countless times. This time, however, I actually was listening to the words, and they soaked into me. 

12 September 2017

Learning to Forgive Myself

This week has been our first week where the kids are really back to school and are doing normal full days of work. Today was a little longer than usual as we had some extra school work to get done and my son saw that maybe mommy could use some help with some things around the house. All on his own, he decided to dust off the bookshelf, set the table for dinner and then clean up the dishes off the table when we were done eating dinner. I could really tell he was trying hard and was so proud of himself. As I sat down on the couch, I saw him drop a plate and heard it fall on the floor. It was a plate that had already had a hairline crack in it, so I figured it had broken.

19 February 2017

Stress: How to Overcome It

Do you ever feel you are too stressed? There are some days where I just feel the stress of my day and life overwhelming me. As a stay-at-home, I think our lives are expected to be peachy keen and there should be no struggles. After all, we get to stay in our pajamas all day, lounge and binge watch tv shows, right? WRONG!! I know every stay-at-home mom's situation is different, but I think we all have a lot on our plates, plus we're raising little ones who sometimes fight us and can be quite a challenge to handle.

I personally have two children, one is 8 years old and the other turns 5 years old in May. My oldest is "homeschooled" by attending a public charter cyber school so we have school work to accomplish Monday-Friday, plus I am currently a part-time online student working towards my bachelors in Psychology: Christian Counseling. On top of school for my daughter and I, I of course have household duties to keep our home clean and in check, laundry to do, and I'm always taking one of the kids to a doctor's, dentist, allergist or some other type of appointment.

01 February 2017

O Be Careful Little Eyes What You See

Have you heard that children's song? If not, it goes a little something like this...

     "O be careful little eyes what you see 
      O be careful little eyes what you see 
      There's a Father up above And He's looking down in love 
      So, be careful little eyes what you see"

It continues to say be careful little ears what you hear, be careful little hands what you do, be careful little feet where you go and be careful little mouth what you say. This song is for children, but how many of us know that we can and should apply this song to our own selves? My mouth used to get me in a lot of trouble, and sometimes it still does. But what I want to focus on today, is being careful what I see.

For a long time, the TV was my idol. I pretty much counted down the minutes to 8PM every night because I knew the kids would be in bed and my favorite TV shows would be on. Yes, I had a favorite show for 8PM, 9PM and 10PM Monday through Friday. I had the schedule memorized and fully anticipated each show.

12 January 2017

When You Feel Like God's Not There Through Life's Storms

      Sometimes, our faith can become tested, all throughout life really. A lot of times I find that life circumstances or events are what makes us as humans question our faith. For some, sickness, tragedies, job loss, etc. will increase our faith in God and draw us closer to Him. But what about those who start to deter from God or lose a little or all of their faith in Him? The typical answer to life's tragedies and sin around us is, "we live in a fallen world". What if that statement is just not enough for those really hurting and not understanding why everything is falling apart in their life? I mean yes, we live in a world of sin and sometimes events happen in our lives that really throw us a curveball, ones that we just can't understand. And then as Christians, we cry out to God and ask Him repeatedly to please heal us, our broken hearts, our sickened bodies, our financial situations, etc. Weeks, and then months go by and things are either getting worse or staying the same and you just don't feel like God is listening to you, nor helping you at all. Where is the healing? Where is God? Why can't you feel His presence anymore? Has he deserted you and left you to fend for yourself?