02 February 2016

I'm Going to Stop Stressing Over Daily Routines

Throughout my whole life, I feel that I always had a routine and a certain schedule. Whether it be a weekly routine (cleaning and doing laundry on certain days of the week, attending church on Sundays and Wednesday nights, going to softball practice and piano lessons), or it being a daily routine (gotta do x, y, z at certain times in a certain order). I think I just function better with a routine, and even pushed that onto my kids. I was so strict with my kids' schedules and routines when they were babies. For example, I wouldn't miss nap time and kept it the same each day. Over the past couple of years, I've noticed that if an activity is done out of order or at a different time in the day, my oldest child realizes it and says "It's not time," or "That's not how we do things".  Notice how before, I just said "I think I just function better with a routine".

Recently I started thinking about it and our daily routines more...are my daily routines affecting my relationship with God in any way?  Am I so set in my daily activities, that I don't allow for God to show me things, speak to me or surprise me with teaching me something new at a random point in my day, just because it isn't my devotional time? Am I so wrapped up in myself and "my ways" of doing things, that I'm hindering the depth of my relationship with God? While we all have room to grow throughout our whole lives and Christian walk, I'm wondering if my growth could be deeper, bigger and stronger if I maybe just stop stressing with the routines.

Stepping aside and telling God, take control of my day, speak to me and teach me something new at any point in my day is ultimately including Him in my life 24/7 and not just 30-60 minutes a day. He shouldn't be put in a time frame and have restrictions on Him anyway, because that is holding myself back from Him. I'm learning to be more flexible and are already starting to see the fruits and benefits from it. Yes, I think schedules are not a bad thing and routines are fine, but in my relationship with God, I want it to continue to grow and expand and for me personally I know I need to be more open to having the spirit lead my days-- and that just may mess up my schedule, but I think only good can come from that when God is leading. It will bring me more freedom and release me from any chains (restrictions) that are holding me back from Him and by being used by Him. It's refreshing to let go of the routines and exciting to see what happens throughout my day each day.

What do you think, do you think your daily routines may be putting any limitations on your relationship or growth with God?
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