08 January 2016

Welcome to My Song, My Strength

Well, you may have noticed a few changes around here....like for instance the name change and new look! It's a new year and I'm ready to start a fresh new blog, with a whole new mission and purpose. While I was blessed to work with many great companies and clients on my previous blog Housewife on a Mission, I quickly realized it was becoming more of a business and chore and in my life. There were so many days I dreaded opening my computer because I wanted to avoid the "work" that needed to be done and the hundreds of emails that needed to be responded to. I lost the passion for writing, even though there were so many other topics and things I wanted to write about that motivate me, such as my Christian walk with God, food allergy awareness/education and providing more recipes-- all the things I love to talk about, but sadly just didn't have the extra time to write about them.

As hard as it is to walk away from something that was built up from the ground (and that I am very proud of), I am ready for new chapter in my life with this blog.  Here at My Song, My Strength you will find only personal posts that are heart felt, fun, raw and true!

How did I come up with this new name? I was thinking about who Christ is to me, and while He is many things to me, He is my song and my strength. Anyone who personally knows me knows that God has blessed me with a gift of singing-- I love to sing and sing and all the time. He has made me a worshiper, and it's one of the things that define me, my life and relationship with God. So yes, God is my song and my joy, and He has been my strength all my life when I have been weak and needed Him.

I hope you are excited as I am to follow along with me on this new journey! Please continue to read what I have to say, it means so much to me (and comment-- I love to hear from you!).
Right now Facebook is not approving my name change, nor URL change, so I will have created a new Facebook page for you to follow if you want. I hope you do!

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  1. so I just saw that you wanted me to "like" the page. HA! I am glad you are able to write raw and true, and without the Lord as our strength, there is no joy. Great verse to live by !!
    I closed my blog because I know life is about to get crazy busier, and it will be refreshing to follow your story. God Bless