26 January 2016

Olive Garden Chicken and Gnocchi Soup | Copycat Recipe

One of my favorite soups ever is Olive Garden's chicken and gnocchi soup. We don't get there quite as often, but when we do, I usually always end up with a bowl of their creamy and delicious chicen and gnocchi soup.  I recently decided to make this soup at home for the first time, and I cannot believe how easy it was to make, plus how much it tasted just like Olive Garden's. My husband was so pleased and impressed and agrees, it's just like Olive Garden's! Read below for the recipe and make sure you read on how you can make the creaminess thicker or thinner to your liking. 

24 January 2016

How To Make Monkey Bread in a Spring Form (Cheesecake) Pan | + A Recipe

I recently wanted to make homemade monkey bread, but do not own a bundt pan and so I had to improvise. I decided that using my spring form pan was maybe an option and came up with a way to make it work! You'll need a spring form pan, tin foil, an oven proof ceramic coffee mug or glass mason jar or clean empty food can, and a cookie sheet to place the spring from pan on. 

20 January 2016

The Pros and Cons of Cyber Schooling

As you may know, my oldest child is in second grade and since she started school (Kindergarten), our daughter has "attended" a cyber school at home. This being the third year of cyber schooling, I thought I would gather a list of pros and cons and share them with you. Keep in mind, this is from my personal experience and can only be based off of early elementary school. I can't say the same experience and pros and cons would be the same for intermediate school and high school.

17 January 2016

Thank You God for Grandparents, They are So Special

Grandparents hold a special place in any grandchild's heart. I was blessed to have 4 wonderful grandparents growing up-- my family has always been close, and it helped that we all lived within 10 minutes of each other. My family saw my grandparents frequently growing up, and I loved it. I loved going over to their houses and spending time with them, making memories and also hearing stories of their childhood and family from when they were little. I think I asked to sleep over at their houses on the weekends quite often, and would be the happiest when they said yes and included me in their weekend plans. Whether it was to go grocery shopping, do Saturday cleanings of the house or even to go out to dinner or go play bingo, I loved sleeping over at my grandparents houses.

15 January 2016

Flamingo Valentine's Day Craft for Kids

It's already mid-January, and before you know it, Valentine's Day will be here! My kids love doing crafts and recently received a huge art bin full of fun craft supplies for Christmas, so I wanted to come up with a fun craft to make that had a Valentine's Day theme.  This flamingo Valentine's Day crafts is so easy to make and doesn't require a ton of art supplies. Plus, your child will have fun making it!

13 January 2016

Simple Hummus without Tahini

My family loves eating hummus! It's one of our go-to snacks, paired with carrots, pita or pita crackers. I started making my own hummus recently and quickly realized this was going to save us money compared to buying store bought hummus. Plus, it's fun for my 7 year old daughter to help me make (she actually made some all by herself with me observing).

08 January 2016

Welcome to My Song, My Strength

Well, you may have noticed a few changes around here....like for instance the name change and new look! It's a new year and I'm ready to start a fresh new blog, with a whole new mission and purpose. While I was blessed to work with many great companies and clients on my previous blog Housewife on a Mission, I quickly realized it was becoming more of a business and chore and in my life. There were so many days I dreaded opening my computer because I wanted to avoid the "work" that needed to be done and the hundreds of emails that needed to be responded to. I lost the passion for writing, even though there were so many other topics and things I wanted to write about that motivate me, such as my Christian walk with God, food allergy awareness/education and providing more recipes-- all the things I love to talk about, but sadly just didn't have the extra time to write about them.