20 December 2013

My Favorite Time of Year

Christmas is my most favorite time of year! I love family coming together, the music, the scents (from desserts baking in the oven to Christmas trees and smoke from fire places) and everything about Christmas time. Welllll maybe not so much the hustle and bustle around the mall and grocery store, but oh well!

This year is our youngest child's second Christmas, so he is really going to enjoy present time. While presents are always fun and exciting, remembering why we celebrate Christmas is also special and important to us. I love teaching our children about the Nativity story and teaching them about Jesus' birth. How special this Christmas day really is to us.

Christmas Eve church service is also special to us this year, because this is our first Christmas Eve service at the church my husband founded and pastor's. Our church family is so special and close to our hearts so I'm excited to have an intimate, quiet service where we will sing to our God and praise Him for sending us His son.

Oh! And this is the first Christmas in 3 years since my little brother has been home. He's a marine and hasn't been able to make it back, but this year has. Needless to say I think my parents are overjoyed and it'll be nice to have my whole family together under one roof celebrating together!

This month has gone by way too fast, I want to savor every moment and enjoy it all while I can. I just love this time of year, don't you? What are some favorite things you and your family do around this time of year? Or what are some special memories you have about Christmas, or what are you looking forward to this Christmas?


  1. Merry Christmas to you & your family! Sounds like a perfect Christmas & oh how nice will it be to have your brother home! I am looking forward to spending time with my family this year & starting new traditions. My brother was going to try to come home for Christmas but won't be able to until the spring when schooling is done.

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    1. Thank u soo much i use my phone and this would really help me out god bless u its my favorite time too

  3. Christmas is my favorite time of year as well and every year it gets better and better as the kids get older. I love the lights, the happiness, the meaning of it all...I just love it!