23 April 2012

Pregnancy update- 38 weeks

Well tomorrow I am 38 weeks pregnant, it is getting so close to the end. I have lots of mixed emotions of course! I'm nervous, anxious, excited, impatient but most of all just really excited to meet my son! When our daughter was born, it was the most beautiful experience ever and I can't wait to share that again with my husband and I really can't wait for our daughter to meet him! I can totally see her being a great big sister with helping and loving on him! She talks and sings to him everyday and hugs him (my belly).
The end of this pregnancy has been a little nerve wrecking because I was in an accident at 35 weeks. I got T-boned and was rushed the emergency room and had to stay over one night since the contractions would not stop. Since I've been home, I've been having contractions everyday so I have also been taking it easy. My daughter was also in the car when we got hit, but I am so thankful and blessed to say she is fine! God really watched over us that day. As of now she is still talking about the accident and thinks that every boo boo one of us gets we have to go to the hospital. It's sad to hear her be so afraid sometimes, but I just keep telling her that Jesus watched over us and the accident is over. Mommy is ok and so are you. Sometimes I don't know what else to say and I really don't want her to be afraid. She's not one to forget easily, but I'm hoping with time she can feel more safe and not think we have to go to the hospital or mention the hospital almost everyday.
So until my little guy decides to make his debut, I'm taking it easy and resting. It feels good knowing we have everything we need and set up so I don't have to worry about "nesting" anymore. Although I still go a little crazy cleaning, but that's not such a bad thing! My husband has been great with helping around the house, and especially us dinner some nights. He is my personal gourmet chef and I love his cooking! He probably thinks I'm going nuts sometimes when I start planning in my head and organizing in my head but he just says "sure honey we can do that". haha


  1. Glad to hear that you, your daughter and the baby were fine after your car accident. That must have been scary! I wish you the best with your new baby.

    1. Yes it was very scary and unexpected! Thank you Cascia!