15 March 2012

Mama Drama

As of this past Tuesday I am 32 weeks pregnant. I've had a pretty good pregnancy so far, but now I'm starting to feel the emotional side effects! I ball my eyes out every now and then and the whole time I'm thinking you are acting like an idiot! haha. I definitely get mood swings with anger and sometimes it's just hard to hold in my thoughts. My poor husband gets to hear most of it, ugh I hate that! Nothing is fitting me right (even maternity pants...yeah I need a bigger size)  and I don't want to go shopping for more maternity clothes because I have 8 weeks (or less?) left so I feel there is no point. So going out and getting dressed gets me worked up too! Does anyone else feel this way when they are pregnant...with so many mixed exaggerated emotional feelings? I'm so ready to feel normal again! Maybe I just need to do more relaxing things for myself, I don't know! I just cannot wait to add my little guy to our family and to hold him and love on him! It's all going to be worth it! :)