19 February 2012

Mommy Out of Commission

For the past few days I have not been able to really take care of my daughter, household duties and myself! I feel so sick. My daughter has an ear infection and is coughing. I have nasal issues, clogged ears and a soar throat, but it is affecting my whole body. On top of this I am 28 weeks pregnant so I am constantly worried about my little baby growing inside and if I'm harming him with the "ok" meds to take while pregnant. My husband thankfully has a three day weekend and has been taking care of his sick girls. He brought home soup one night, and makes random trips to the store if we need OJ or anything else we need. It is actually really nice to be taken care of, I'm not use to this and kinda feel pampered! I haven't felt this sick in probably 3-4 years and it is a terrible feeling, but I am so thankful to have a loving and caring husband!

I have a couple review and giveaways coming up this week, but will most likely be up later rather than sooner. Taking time to rest and re-cooperate!

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