12 April 2011

Peanut Allergy, to home school or not to home school?

The fact that there are parent's outside of this school picketing just really bothers me. My daughter is 2 1/2 and has a severe peanut allergy, and my husband and I still haven't decided if we want her to go to school or be home schooled.  Anyway, back to this video, aren't kids suppose to be washing their hands anyway? And if taking precautions will save this little girls life, then why not take them. I mean, the parent's say that they are keeping the little girl in mind and her safety, but to me it seems like they don't want their kids to be bothered or inconvenienced with having a classmate with a life threatening allergy.

What are your thoughts? Good or bad I wanna hear them!

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  1. A close friend posted recently on this topic as her little guy (also allergic) is heading to K next year...thought you might appreciate her post...

  2. I have to admit, Rob and I have been debating the home schooling idea as well lately. I heard about the school in Chicago yesterday who is banning home made lunches because the school can not control sugar content. There are so many other things going on in schools today that really just is frustrating. Honestly, even though Ray is only 15 months, I'm already looking into home schooling options for when he is ready to attend school.

  3. Megan, my heart goes out to you. If you are local, we can totally get together. I am so glad the Lord has used us to encourage you.

    *As a side note, I ordered one of those fun cute bracelets I put a link to. My son loves it! He thinks it's cool and shows it to everyone. IT WORKED TODAY at a neighbor's house. She was making a snack for the boys and, because of it, knew not to make PB & J!!! Hurray.


  4. Thanks for sharing this! As a teacher, I don't at all agree with what these parents are doing. What is the big deal with washing hands, as you said it should be done anyway. My only concern for the student in question would be the fact that I've seen first hand how filthy dirty students and student belongings can be. You just can't control everything no matter how much you try. I have one studen'ts things that are kept in a separate closet in my room because of how incredibly strong they smell of smoke. If there were a student in my class alergic to smoke, we'd be in trouble, seriously. So my bigger concern would be HOW allergic is she, can it be transmitted from someone wiping their hands on their pants that morning after peanut butter toast, etc. I am more worried about just how far this COULD potentially go, if that makes sense? Not because I wouldn't want to "do" something to take precaution but wondering how far those precautions could go. Hand washing and keeping lunch boxes separate are no big deal, we do that now anyway. So hard. I can't imagine being this child or parent and seeing actual picketers in your own community. Heartbreak!

  5. I remember working in a daycare where several children had severe peanut allergies. Sure, we had to take extra precautions - especially with snack. And I do remember being horridly afraid that this child would accidently touch or eat something with peanut traces. However, it never occurred to me that this child shouldn't be there and if parents had protested I think I'd have been furious! That child is not to blame for its allergies. And DON'T tell me that this child and its parents doesn't feel attacked!! These parents should be ashamed of themselves! Personal rights are one thing, but shouldn't it all be lived out in love and kindness???

  6. I don't understand what is going through these parent's heads, this is a little girl just trying to go to school to learn and stay safe. It just makes me and my husband really question whether we want our daughter to go to school or be homeschooled. Looking at k12 (cyber public school) seems interesting, but we have a little more time to decide. I am open to more info on homeschooling and hearing about personal experiences with cyber schools.

  7. Brit @www.MomAnswersWithBrit.com

    I think that this is just outragious! I like to think that this is a rare situation. It shows how selfish we are becomming!

    I would definitely home school. I hope that I get the oppportunity to (depending if I still have to work full-time).

    Good luck on your decision!