03 April 2011

Easter: How do you celebrate & why?

With Easter coming up, I thought I would do a post to see what you and your family do for Easter and how you celebrate it and why? On a blog I follow, the writer asked her followers do this and as I was reading the responses I was amazed at how different everyone's answers are. In your answer, include if you...
  • Paint Easter Eggs
  • Have/go to an egg hunt
  • Take your kids to see the Easter bunny
  • Go to an Easter church service


  1. I grew up with big Easter egg hunts at my grandparents with all my cousins ! Easter was SO big and fun.
    When I became a parent I tried to have egg hunts, but I lived away from my family so it never really came to fruition.
    Now that I am a grandparent, I would LOVE o have our grandkids anxious every Easter to come to MeeMaw & Pops house for Easter egg hunts, candy, toys and fun.
    AS of now, hhhmmmm, Jay and I open our home to friends, family and faith family on Easter Sunday. We attend church for that is the reason for Easter, and make a big dinner.We buy toys for our grand daughter, and thats about it :)

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    All the best to you.

  3. I color eggs with my children. I do fill Easter baskets for the younger two, which mostly contain books, or small, inexpensive things. One candy item only. We go to church every Sunday, so Easter service is a must. We do not do the Easter Bunny thing. It's about Christ and we try to stay focused on Him!

  4. I cook a big dinner and we attend an Easter service. I didn't grow up with the bunny and eggs since those things have no relation to Jesus' resurrection. :) So, in our family we just keep the day reserved for celebrating Jesus. Yet, I also don't like to get into the whole "paganized" debate - because that goes nowhere fast and it tends to get "nit-picky". And usually serves no good purpose. So, I think it's an individual decision that each family needs to make for themselves. I am glad that you put this on here, though. It will be interesting to read what others enjoy doing for this great day!

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  6. so I found ya via UBP2011. awesome.
    #1. im from good ole Lancaster County, pa and I, too, am not amish!
    #2. my hubs and I just moved to New England as well.

  7. We've always had friends over to participate in an Easter egg hunt, usually the day before Easter. Mainly it's just an excuse for us to get together!

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