17 April 2011

Saving $ Tips

Being church planter's and constantly thinking of ways to save money, I thought I would share with you some ways we save money, and in return it may help you and your family to save money.

With grocery shopping, we always menu plan for all 3 meals of each day. We look for what is on sale in the grocery store's weekly ad, and then try to find coupons to match those sales. Keep in mind, you can find organic coupons, and organic items do go on sale in most grocery stores. (There usually is a separate section for organic items). You don't have to eat completely unhealthy when staying on a cheap budget. We always have a vegetable or 2 in each dinner, and we like to get bananas and whatever fruit is on sale. You don't always have to make a fresh lunch. For our family, probably 2 or 3 lunches out of the week are our leftover dinner from the night before. Also, when you see something that is extra cheap on sale, don't be afraid to stock up. One week, generic beans (all varieties) were on sale 3 for a $1, so we got 9 cans.
We do not eat out, or order in (except for special occasions). You can make food cheaper and healthier. Plus it's more fun to have a family pizza/movie night when you make the pizza together. Great memories to have also!

Another way we save money, is I cut my husbands and my daughter's hair. It's actually kinda funny because my husband is so picky and complains each time he would come home from a hair cut and HATE it. But, now that I cut it he says it's better then when he got it professionally done (And I have no training/experience in cutting hair).

Another way we save is by hand washing my daughters clothes and some of me and my husbands clothes. Before we moved we owned a washer and dryer (oh how i miss them!!!). Now we live in a apartment building and it cost $1.75 for each the washer and dryer, costing $3.50 per load! And these are small loads mind you! So as long as you have liquid fabric softener, you can wash your clothes with detergent and softener, and hang dry your clothes on a drying rack, without them being hard. You may have to iron out wrinkles in some of the clothing items.

If you want to get very creative, some families make their own dish soap, laundry soap and cleaning products. I however, don't, but if you want the recipes go HERE

If you want to save on Gas, try this out! haha

Hope this was helpful!!


  1. Love that Picture!

    I have also been cutting my husband and son's hair for several years...big money saver.

    I agree, eating cheap does not mean unhealthy. In fact, I think it is cheaper to eat well. If you make everything from scratch and eliminate chemicals it is much better for you.

    I enjoyed your post today. Have a great weekend!

  2. LOL! youd probably could find someone who may own a buggy car back in Lancaster! haha :)

    ps: I cut my husbands hair and recently, as in thursday, I decided to try out cutting my own. I youtube'd videos on how to cut bangs/bobs and i have to say that it worked out great!