09 March 2011

Live Loud, Be Bold!

Over the weekend, a classmate I graduated with from high school (Nate) died in a car accident. I knew him since 9th grade and had a couple classes with him that year. I had one class with him in 10th grade and then after that none. It's weird how you know someone and then they die and they're not here on Earth anymore. Even though I haven't seen him in five years, I still hurt for his loved ones and friends. It must be so hard for his parents to lose a son, or any parents to lose a child. I think back about his life from what little I knew about him, and remember him to be a funny and nice person. From what I have seen on facebook, he had a girlfriend that was also in the crash with him and she's not doing to well in the hospital. I think her name is Nicci, keep her in your prayers as well as Nate's family.

This morning I was talking to my husband about when I first learned that Nate had died and the heartache I felt at the time and feel now. I wasn't a close friend of his, but I still talked to him in my first 2 years of high school, and never once did I talk to him about my faith/Jesus. I don't know if Nate was saved, and hope that he was. I then got to talking with Phil about why it's harder for me to talk to people I know about Jesus then strangers? I think with most people it's easier to talk to strangers about God then people they know because maybe they won't see you again, or if they judge you it doesn't matter to you as much? I am tired of "being shy" with my faith and basically just learned that yes I do have a harder time with talking with people I know about God. I don't want to be that person anymore. I'm not ashamed of Jesus at all, I just need to open up more I think.

The truth is, we don't know when each of us or our loved ones and friends will die. It really could be any second. I've hear that my whole life and never really took it seriously because I always thought, nah everyone I know will die really old. Which is not always true. I and we all, need to be on our knees daily praying for our loved ones to come to the Lord, because guess what readers, there really is a Hell, and it's a place where I wouldn't wish one single person to go to. We need to be open and LOUD about our faith and share what Jesus did for us and His love for us. We are in the last days whether you want to admit that or not. I don't want to see anyone I know go to Hell.

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