21 February 2011

My how we've grown!

Today Phil, Halie and I had the opportunity to skype with my brother Mark, whom is stationed in Japan right now. As we were talking I just kept thinking, "this is my little brother, he's really not so little anymore". I'm really proud of him and how much he is accomplishing with his life, plus how much courage he has to join the military and then be stationed in Japan. I don't know why, but sometimes it's hard for to think of him as an adult, I guess because I still view him as my little brother sometimes. The little boy who I used to play house with, and play Indians outside all day. The little boy who I would help practice playing baseball with, or the little boy who I would defend because bigger mean boys were picking on him. But also the little boy I would fight with and shed tears over afterwards, and then make up and hug each other...the kinda hug where each person acts like they don't want to hug, but deep down does. That little boy, that little brother of mine is all grown up and uses and carries a gun each day. He learns how to defend our country, and earns more and more respect each day. He's not little anymore, he's a man. A man that I can now look up to, as he once looked up to me. If I think about it, I really have 2 big brothers, both that I look up to. Both unique and different in their own ways, but I have great respect and love for each of them. My oldest brother is married and will one day start a family of his own. He too has an important job, not physical like Mark's, but uses his intelligence and mind. Matthew is someone I always admired and looked up to, whether he knows that or not. I was always jealous growing up at how smart he is, and funny! Some people might not know that, because he comes off quiet or shy, but he really is a funny person and every time i see him he makes me laugh. I was the little annoying sister who always tagged around Matthew and his older friends. I thought they were all cool and wanted hang around my big funny brother. I have to two great brothers, and I hope that they read this and know that I love them and respect them both. My prayers for them are that God keeps them save always, and that each day they grow in God. That they never forget where they came from and God's love for them. That they both were created on this Earth and in our family for a reason. That they keep Jesus as their savior and also have courage to share God's love with many because that is the most important thing. And that one day we will worship Jesus and God with our families in front of the throne in Heaven. What a glorious day that will be!

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