18 February 2011

God's Beauty

Yesterday I took some time to walk down to the Harbor alone. The harbor is literally a 1 minute walk from our apartment and this was the first day I actually walked around where we live, since there has been a ton of snow and ice everywhere it has been hard to walk around here. Anyway, I carefully walked on ice to a bench and sat down to just take deep breaths and relax taking in the view. Seagulls flying through the air, the airport is across the harbor so airplanes were flying in and out of the airport (Closest I've seen a plane to the ground, kinda freaky but cool). When you look beyond the harbor, it then becomes the ocean and there were a couple boats out, more will be out once the weather warms up more. Across the harbor is also the city and it's just so neat to see the hustle and bustle, but living not even 3 miles from the city it's a little more relaxed. Sitting there seeing all the snow and being slightly chilly, I was thinking Spring is going to be so pretty here. Although I hear there isn't really a Spring here, but I guess we'll see. It's a lot different from the "Amish country" that I'm use to, but beautiful in its different ways.

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