08 February 2011

Don't worry, be Happy!

So today I have had a lot of time to get things done around the apartment. I've been picking up toys, vacuumed, did my weekly cleaning of the bathrooms, and so on. This may seem weird but when I clean its one of the only alone times I get, so during that time I get to plan in my head, think about different things and pray. I love to sing worship songs and talk to God while cleaning. Even though I don't mind cleaning and sometimes enjoy it (weird I know) singing and praying helps things get done quicker. Today though I was letting my mind wander and was thinking about the future with having people over, cooking everyone dinner and hosting. It's going to be a lot of fun for me because I love to have people over fellowship with one another and talking about Jesus. I quickly realized that the future is now and we will be having new people over any day now as we start meeting people. The first thing that came to mind is "oh my we need a kitchen table and chairs, we can't eat on the floor". Sad for thinking that I know. We sold our old table before we moved and I really need to stop worrying about little things like that! I know God will bless us with an affordable table when the time is right, and until then we could always go Japanese and sit on the floor to eat! Haha....wait that is the Japanese isn't it? Anyway, my point is and my prayer for today is to not worry about little things like not having a table, and start worrying about big things like people who don't even have food to eat at a dinner table.

Ok well share your thoughts I guess!

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