28 February 2011

Can I just de-stress alittle bit?

For the past week I feel like I'm not doing a "good enough" job as being a mom. I know that's silly, but with the way Halie has been acting I have to look at myself and ask What am i doing wrong? Last night i just wanted to ball my eyes out because it was almost 10 o'clock and Halie still didn't want to go to sleep. After she finally went to sleep, I just sat down and stared for a few minutes until I felt Phil wrap his arms around me. I don't know how long he held me without saying anything, but that's what I needed. Following by his encouraging words of how great a mom I am and I'm doing a great job and that she is just going though a phase. I know Halie is only 2 1/2, but her whole life she has always been a really good kid and still is. She is starting to act like a baby again and I guess maybe it's for attention? She wants me to feed her instead of using her fork on her own, and she doesn't listen to me anymore and does what i don't tell her to do. Some of you are probably thinking, she sounds like she's a kid, but I'm just really stressed out from it all. Bed time is a disaster. Nothing works. Nothing. We have to let her "cry it out" alone in her bed until she falls to sleep. If Phil is right and this is a phase, I really hope it's over soon because it hurts me. I love Halie to death and only want to be the best mom that I can be for her. I know this is all probably nothing and I'll be looking back on this in a little while...I hope. I think I need to hear from some of you moms out there on any advice for bed time or something. We read stories and pray before bed, after that she gets silly, then will cry really loud calling my name. Ugh, so sad to hear.

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