04 January 2011

Oh So Silly!

I love it when Halie gets "the silly's"! It is so great to just roll around on the floor and laugh with your kid(s). Lately Halie has been doing a lot of funny things out of the blue, she is becoming such a comedian! She loves to put on her Daddy's shoes and hat and walk around the house. She once made an attempt to walk around in her Aunt Amber's 3-4 inch high heals and she did it so good! When we pray together, one of the things Halie will pray for is Elmo's blanket, because in "Elmo goes to Grouch land" a mean man steals Elmo's blanket haha. She definitely keeps me laughing throughout the day and it is such a joy to have her as a daughter. When either of us are feeling blue, we get up and dance and will just be silly...and soon the house will be full of laughter!!
Halie loves to help me clean and cook any chance she gets! except when i vacuum...she will run to sit on the sofa and just watch. I think she doesn't like to be near it because it's too loud. She is a great helper and makes "chores" fun when she helps me.
She is also the ultimate tickler! There is not a day that goes by where she won't sneak up on Phil or I and tickle us....it always turns into a tickle war! She is one silly girl and it is one of the many things I love about her!

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