08 January 2011

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it SNOW!!

Yes!! It's snowing today...we are only expecting 2-4 inches, but it is exciting for Halie. She looooves snow which is a good thing because Phil and I love it too! I have a lot of childhood memories of playing in the snow with my brothers. Growing up we lived right by a park that has a huge hill. Everyone in town goes to that hill when it snows and it is always a blast to sled on. My brothers and I would stay out in the snow for hours building snowmen, having snowball fights and building igloos. We all hated shoveling, but of course had to do that too! I'm so excited to show Halie how to make a snowman, and how to make snowballs to throw at her daddy when he's not looking!! Days like these are really comforting...I guess I mean you get to cuddle with your family, play in the snow, and have Hot cocoa. The only thing we are missing is a fire place! but that's ok!

If you go out in the snow, bundle up good it's below freezing today!! annnnnd don't eat yellow snow! ;)
*from last year*

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