05 January 2011

His Will Wednesday!

This Wednesday I am focusing my prayer on becoming "An excellent Wife". Last week I ordered the book "The Excellent Wife- A Biblical Perspective" by Martha Peace and it finally arrived in the mail yesterday. Waiting in anticipation for 6 days I finally opened up the package and knew that this was the start of a new journey. The book is based biblically on how to become a Proverbs 31 wife. With this book I also got the study guide, and last night I did lesson number 1. So far I really like Martha and this book. I want to make major changes in my life and become a more Godly wife, be submissive and understand fully what that means, and to be my husbands helper. I'm excited to read more of this book, learn and grow in becoming an Excellent wife.
There are probably a lot of women/wives out there who think this is probably all nuts and why wouldn't you want to be a power woman and equal to your husband? Well my husband and are 1, but Philip is the head of our household and I fully trust and respect him, and I will be Submissive to him because it is biblical. I want our marriage to please God and honor Him.

Side Note: I just saw that there is a book called "The Faithful Parent" by Martha Peace & Stuart W. Scott- A Biblical Guide to Raising a Family.  I will be reading that after I am finished with "The Excellent Wife". This will be great for Philip and I to read together!

Prayer: God, please help me to understand what it means to become an Excellent wife and what my role is. I open my heart to you as I read this book and pray that you speak to me and change my mind and views to what you want them to be. Help me and other wives who want to live as a submissive wife, and bless our marriages. In Jesus name, Amen.

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