29 December 2010

His Will Wednesday

This Wednesday I am focusing my prayer on patience. I can be a very patient person, but there are times where i can't wait at all! As I've said before, this coming February my family and I are moving to Boston to plant a church. Lately I have been very impatient that I'm making myself anxious and very stressed out. I need to remember that everything is in God's timing and really, we only have a few more weeks to wait it out! I'm very excited to go up to Boston in a couple weeks to look for a place to live. It will be the first time for both Phil and I to visit Boston. I imagine it to be a historical and great place to live! Many people think we are crazy to up and move to a place we know basically nothing about, and have never been to. The truth is it is a little scary, but I know this is where God wants us, and it is going to be an amazing thing. 
Another area I need more Patience in, is with my daughter. :) She is two years old, starting to have her terrible two's every now and then, and is learning to do new things and naturally a little slow at doing them. Most times I just have to smile and realize there is plenty of time for her to do what she is doing and remember she is learning and doing a great job.

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