26 November 2010

"My Husband Rocks!!" Friday

Today is "Black Friday", most people love this day to find great deals and some people even enjoy the crazy shopping. My husband has to work today and thankfully it's only a regular timed shift! Phil works at Tiffany & Co. and they are expecting minimum 4,000 people to walk through their door, even though Tiffany's never has any sales and won't today. I've only gotten to talk to Phil through a few texts since he doesn't get an actual lunch break today, but through the texts he was asking me how i was doing. He wasn't complaining or thinking about himself and how miserable he must feel and be today. It just made me smile.

Yesterday we had a ton of good food, but the best in my opinion was of course the turkey! Phil was injecting that sucker with butter and juice every half hour and it was soo juicy and tender and tasted so good! Good job honey! :)

I am so thankful to have a helping and loving husband. This week especially when i needed him most he was there for me 24/7. He cares about me so much and it shows through his actions, words and love. I am truly blessed!

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