16 November 2010

Lovey Dovey!!

My older brother Matthew just got married on the 6th of this month! (So happy for him and Mandi!!). Matthew and Mandi are so great for each other and I wish them the best of luck in everything in life and their marriage. The wedding was so beautiful, the Bride looking gorgeous, the Groom looked handsome. The vows said were tear jerking, I admire that they wrote them! Dinner and all the food was SO good, and the dance floor was the place to be!! I had the honor of singing at the wedding ceremony (Sea of Love by Cat Power). When they asked me to sing months ago, I was actually shocked haha. Growing up both of my brothers were always yelling at me to shut up and stop singing, since I sang LOUD (and still do) all the time! And now it's funny to me, but I loved singing on their special day and I'll never forget doing that for them. All in all it was such a fun and beautiful day! At the end of the night (and throughout the whole day), you could feel the love that was evident between the newly married couple, i'm so happy I could be apart of their big day! Congratulations to Matt and Mandi!

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