23 February 2010

Spring where are youuu!?

So we are getting more snow this week, they are saying  6-12 inches for now (but it keeps changing). This storm is going to be as bad as a level 1 hurricane b/c of the winds. I am praying we don't lose our power b/c we have electric heat!! Snow snow snow...this is getting depressing!! We haven't gotten this much snow in a winter since i don't even know when! I'm ready for Spring! To plant flowers and veggies, take Halie to the park, go to the Zoo, take evening walks and to just sit on my deck to relax without freezing!! This has been a long winter!!

01 February 2010

Not me Monday

Today i did not eat 2 ice cream sandwiches and cheat my diet by topping the day off by having pizza for dinner...no not me!
Also I did not let the dishes pile in the sink throughout the day and decide to clean them at 10 o'clock at night.
I totally did not yell to Jake while watching The Bachelor "you're an idiot!!!" and then apologize 5 seconds later, I would never do that.
And I definitely did not read the same book to Halie 6 times in a row (b/c she practically begged me) and the 7th time hid it from her...that's just mean.

Nope not me :)