27 November 2009

"My Husband Rocks" Friday!

This week my husband rocks because he made me feel better about the Pumpkin Roll I made. I know that kinda sounds weird, but for Thanksgiving this year one of the things I made was Pumpkin Roll. This was my first time making it and I was a little nervous...don't know why I get that way. Anyway it tasted great but it looked funny because when I rolled it, it cracked twice. I guess I am a perfectionist at everything I do and I don't always like that about me. Anyway he kept complimenting it and me and I guess it was I needed because I felt better. Why in the world do I let silly things like that get me upset? haha I knew no one would care what it looked like. My hubby is great :)

1 comment:

  1. I love that you did the "my hubby rocks" friday :) What a great way to be appriciative of your significant other!! Maybe I will do this in my head every week!! Especially when mine is pissing me off lol. Will help me forget about it ;)